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  The company is a professional logo products and services company,its cooperated by RISING and the Malaysian PCA Group, provides signage products and services for international well-known brand companies.
   Our major clients include Mercedes-Benz, Shell, KFC, Castrol, Michelin, Total, BOSCH, DSM and so on.Our sales and service coverage across the country, at the same time the products are exported all over the world.

The Company has established a perfect order management system and safety management system in accordance with international standardization and has established a set of institutionalized and humanized corporate culture.文化。

The company's vision and mission

Our culture 

The company's quality policy

Our quality goal

 Become an internationally renowned expert in the production of labels, use our products to beautify the world 

Product quality, service satisfaction; efficient work, the team enterprising;

Delivery of products pass rate of 100%, customer service compliance rate of 80% or more

Condense together to create brilliant